How do I install the DIST files for iSMA-B-MAC36NL on Niagara 4?

This Niagara 4 controller is not manufactured by Tridium and it needs its specific DIST files installed on the Workbench to be commissioned properly.

     The controller comes from the factory already commissioned (without a station installed) on N 4.4.73. Niagara version 4.4.73 (or higher) is the minimum requirement for this controller to work.


     The Niagara versions that this controller is compatible with are:

  • Niagara 4.4.73
  • Niagara 4.4.92
  • Niagara 4.6.96
  • Niagara 4.7.109
  • Niagara
  • Niagara (Use the installer v1.4)
  • Niagara
  • Niagara


     Please note that on all the N4.4 releases (including 4.4.92) there were some bugs and some features were not yet available, such as:

  • BACnet MSTP
  • HDMI
  • Recovery Service
  • Web Service port working with values above 1024

The features above have been included with versions above 4.6. For all new features and improvements, please see the Release Notes.


     The standard way to install new DIST file with Niagara is the following:

  • close the Workbench
  • copy the new DIST files into the folder: C:\Users\UserName\Niagara4.x\tridium\sw\inbox
  • copy the new CleanDIST file into the folder: C:\Niagara\Niagara-4.x\cleanDist
  • copy the new JAR files into the folder: C:\Niagara\Niagara-4.x\modules
  • open the Workbench. Niagara will automatically look for the new files
  • you can now commission the controller using the commissioning wizard. The new DIST files will be available


     If you are using version 4.4.92 you will need to download the following DIST files

and follow the above procedure to get them correctly installed.


If you are using version you will need to download the following DIST files

and follow the above procedure to get them correctly installed.


     If you are using the Niagara 4.6.96, 4.7.109,, or you will need to download the following files. The zip file contains:

  • DIST files for 4.6
  • DIST files for 4.7
  • DIST files for 4.8
  • DIST files for 4.9
  • DIST files for 4.10
  • CleanDIST file v2.0 (Restores unit to empty N4.8 state)
  • CleanDIST file v1.4 (Restores unit to empty N4.4 state)
  • The new version of the iSMA_IO Jar file
  • The iSMA_HDMI Jar file
  • BAT (Batch) file that will copy the files into the relevant folders

     Unzip the file just downloaded and double-click on the *.bat file to execute the install procedure. This batch files facilitates the install of the DIST files without having to manually copy them to the "inbox" user folder.

Check out the video below where we show how to install the DIST files using the automated procedure:


You are now ready to commission your MAC36