How to change the time format for history table charts.

Time Formatting

The default time format is defined by the lexicon key baja:timeFormat. But it may be selectively overridden by users. To change the time format in the Workbench use General Options under Tools | Options. Use the User.facets property to change it for browser users.

Niagara' time format uses a simple pattern language:

Pattern Description
YY Two digit year
YYYY Four digit year
M One digit month
MM Two digit month
MMM Abbreviated month name
D One digit day of month
DD Two digit day of month
h One digit 12 hour
hh Two digit 12 hour
H One digit 24 hour
HH Two digit 24 hour
mm Two digit minutes
ss Seconds (and milliseconds if applicable)
a AM/PM marker
z Timezone
anything else Character literal

In addition to the time format configured by the user, developers may customize the resolution via the following facets:


To programmatically format a time using this infrastructure use the BAbsTime or BTime APIs.


 If something is automated by the station, then it will use the station's native time format.  So this would depend on the platform locale settings, and then the lexicon entry for baja:timeFormat in that locale.


This can be found also in the documentation (ctrl+L in WorkBench): module://docDeveloper/doc/localization.html