How to set up your Link IO with Trend IQ3 and IQ4 controllers

Step by step guide of how to set up your Link IO modules with Trend IQ controllers.

Step 1: Link IO Module Setup

Once the Link IO is on, go into the settings to change the IP address to match the same range of the site that you created.

To go to Network Settings click on the button detailed below.

Click in Network Settings.

It will bring up a password entry. Enter the password (default passcode is 1234) this will get you into the settings. 

Scroll down to the IP settings and change this to the required IP range.

Once you have set up your IP, your Link IO will be discoverable via BACnet in your SET project.

To change the BACnet device ID repeat the same process but scroll down the BACnet device id.


Step 2: Setup your Trend IQ 3xx/IQ4xx BACnet controller

Using SET create a new project and in the project viewer create the Trend BACnet controller under Lan 1 and then open the controller strategy default page.


Now add a BACnet network in the device viewer at say address 100 as illustrated below: 

Install Bacstac detailed below:

Create a BACnet site in the system view as illustrated below:

Label the site Link IO. Once set up refresh the site as illustrated below:

Once the device is discovered on the BACnet network then this can be added to the project view in SET as illustrated below:


Add this device as Node 11 and click the button to include the MAC address.


Once added Go to the device details and change the device name to Link-IO.

This will be your BACnet site all setup.

Next, add the trend blocks to suit your site as illustrated below:

Now once the strategy blocks are added to the SET project the LAN and outstation will need to be changed to the project that has been created.

All the BACnet points come off the base Link-IO module so if you have the extra LINK-IO16-EXP modules you add the modules into the same project and set the comms modules up as the same LAN and OS number.

This current release supports the configuration of the Link IO range of I/O modules 

listed below: 


Trend controllers supported: 

  • IQ3xxBAC
  • IQ4xxBAC

Congratulations for setting up your Link IO,

Thank you,

The Innon Team


If you require any help please contact 

To configure your Link IO devices please visit Innon tool config

To install Link IO please consult the manual foud at in the Link IO folder.