Sontay IO-DIM4 Decoding in N4 Station

How would you convert an analog input signal from a Sontay IO DIM4 into 4 digital Niagara points?

The article makes use of standard kitControl blocks to decode the voltage signal from a Sontay IO-DIM4 digital input multiplexer module into Boolean writable points to represent each of its input statuses


Make sure the IO-DIM4 output link is set to 0-10V and connected to an input set to read 0-10V with no conversion

All the blocks used here are available within the kitControl palette

Please note - the IO-DIM4 sets its voltage output to set the decoded bits to represent its inputs as follows -

  • Bit 4 = Input 1
  • Bit 5 = Input 2
  • Bit 6 = Input 3
  • Bit 7 = Input 4

Please DO NOT use bits 0 to 3

Sontay IO-DIM4 strategy-1

The same result can be achieved with a Program component. Please see this article A to D Converter which will give you a good insight into how to use the Program component.