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Save button doesn't work on BACnet routers (BAC2).

We found that the new BACnet routers (BAC2) have a small bug that sometimes prevents the router from saving the configuration: clicking on the Save button does not save the configuration as expected.

We apologize for this, but the fix is a simple firmware upgrade.

Please follow the instructions below to fix the issue with the BACnet Router save button.

Download a the BACnet Router app using the Web GUI:

-              Download the image file 

-              Enter the IP address of the Router into a web browser or connect using the FieldServer Toolbox

-              Hit the ‘Diagnostic’ link at the bottom of the page next to Copyright

-              Choose the ‘Setup’ option in the Navigation Tree and Select ‘File Transfer’

-              Choose the ‘General’ tab

-              Click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the image file

-              Click on ‘Submit’

-              When it says “Update complete”, click on the ‘System Restart’ button.