How do I wire the RS485 port on the RUT955?

A simple article showing the pinouts of the port and how to use it in 3 wires RS485 configuration

Connector pinout

The RUT955 comes with an RS485 port on board that can be used to connect Modbus Slave devices.

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The RS485 port allows for 4 wires (5 in total with GND) or 2 wires (3 in total with GND) connection. The connector is available next to the ethernet ports as shown:




The pinout of the connector is displayed here below:




How to wire the RS485 on a 3 wires network

When using a 3 wires RS485 network, the connector on the router will need the "driver" and "receiver" terminals to be bridged.

This will provide at the end with only a "-", "+" and GND wires to connect, as shown below:




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How to add the termination resistor

A 120 Ohm 0.25 W resistor can be put between the + and - connectors if the router is at the start or end of the line



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